The Journey Begins…

I’ve decided to start a travel blog…I’ve decided to start a travel blog because I want a collective place to organize my experiences and photos.  More and more, I’m finding that others are enamored with my adventures, so I want one place to share all of my thoughts and passions.  I’m not unique; I’ve been to hostels filled with permanent nomads.  Do I want to quit my job and make travelling a full-time job (I mean, are you asking me seriously)?  No.  I love my job.  I keep travel as a hobby among other interests.

The name, do you get it?  “Off we go into the wild blue yonder…”  It’s an ode to my other passions: Space – the great beyond, the final frontier… and the Air Force – the real heroes who sacrifice so much for my freedom.  Though, I don’t really consider myself a wanderer.  Usually, I travel with purpose – I want to see and do it all!  And, I am a true existentialist at heart, believing that it is up to me to achieve what I want, and only through my experiences can I truly understand life.I wrote in 2010 that my “compulsion to live life at its fullest has made it almost impossible to set limits.  The necessity for continued exhilaration is both insatiable and exhausting….” There are times when my life becomes stagnant, but this quest for conquering the world presses on.

The only way out is through;  only by leaving home can we feel a sense of belonging;  one must ‘part with’ to become ‘part of’…  Just as we look farther out into space in order to see our past, we need to search outward to find what is within.

Travel gives us perspective that we cannot find elsewhere.  I hope to share this inspiration through my stories/blog.  Enjoy.