Although we didn’t stay there, my family spent much of our two weeks in Hong Kong at the world-renowned Peninsula Hotel. We had several afternoon teas in the lobby, ate at the modern Felix at the top, and at the gaudy French restaurant in the lower level – Gaddi’s.

While at Gaddi’s, our waiter was properly snobby and condescending to our family. We are no stranger to fancy restaurants, however this place was a bit over the top in terms of arrogance. My dad ordered red wine, and during the taste test, he discovered that it had gone bad. The waiter argued with him, until finally ceding and bringing a new bottle.

As many people do, we all judge places based on their bathrooms, so while waiting for our entrees, we checked out the chi-chi marble tombs. One thing we weren’t accustomed to in fancy restaurants is the access to free lotions and perfumes. I noted this to my sister, and she came back stinking of about 5 different eau de toilettes. On cue, the waiter came over, gagged and said, “You didn’t have to sample ALL of them…”