Le Meurice

After discovering that a family friend would be in Paris, I was invited to be his guest at a wedding on the Seine with a rehearsal dinner at a Michelin 3-Star Restaurant. What a treat! For the rehearsal, I wore a killer dress (more on that here) and was excited for the four course meal! I sat down in the grand, Louis XIV style room and immediately perused the menu. Saying that I’m a picky eater would be an understatement – I eat all kinds of meat, but nothing from the sea. As I read down the prix fixe menu, my heart sank:

First Course – Crab
Second Course – Lobster Salad!
Main Course – Turbot!!
Dessert – Panna Cotta & Grapefruit (below)

Just my luck! I gulped down some wine and didn’t say anything. I guess I would just have to stomach it.Through the first course, another plus-one revealed her reservations about fish, so together, we flagged down the waiter, and asked for something else. The waiter looked at us in that French way, like he’d never heard of someone not eating fish before, but he said they would figure something out.After the 2nd course, a server came to deliver steak knives to the two of us. Could it be?! I started salivating with the thought of filet mignon. The main course of fish was delivered to everyone, and plates with silver domes were dropped before us!  We exchanged excited glances. They lifted the silver covers, in unison, to reveal a small, cast-iron serving dish filled with green, steamed vegetables. Not only were they the plainest, most boring vegetables I had ever eaten, they were a bit overcooked. I guess they were offended by our request.So, there I was: dining at a Michelin Star restaurant, eating wilted veggies with a steak knife.  C’est la vie!