Seen from a Plane Window

Here are the craziest things seen from an airplane window:


Thunder/Lighting Storm in Southwest USA – We navigated around the storm, but still got quite the show for about 15 minutes. It was beautiful (and a little bumpy).

Mt. Everest – My first view of the Himalaya mountain range was Mt. Everest, peaking above a sea of clouds. It was breathtaking, I couldn’t look away.

Rocket Launch – On the way to Cancun, our pilot directed us to look out the window and watch as a rocket launched. I watched it soar up until it was out of sight.

Bombs over Bagdad, literally. – I woke up mid-flight from Venice to Dubai and saw what looked like campfires. But there were also occasional explosions. I looked at the flight tracker and saw that we were flying over Iraq.