Left ID at Home

Flight to attend a work conference in Orlando: 8:55am
7:45am: Arrive at LAX via Lyft. Perfect timing to stroll onto my flight
7:48am: Boarding pass machine is out of ink.
7:50am: Enter short security line and quickly realize my driver’s license is in my pants pocket, back at home. I have no other form of ID.
7:52-56am: No taxis are running this early. Run across 2 terminals to hail a cab.
8:17am: Back at home to pick up ID.
8:19am: Quick ATM stop to get cash for driver, since I didn’t have enough for a $100 ride to/from airport.
8:33am: Arrive LAX, tip the driver well, and enter long security line.
8:46am: Computer gets an extra check for explosive residue… slowly.
8:50am: Out of breath at gate, after doors had closed.
8:54am: After hailing down an employee, I get no sympathy from VirginAmerica. Next flight is tomorrow. I want to cry. There’s no way I’m getting in another taxi to go back home!
9:13am: Booked on Southwest, walk 2 terminals, last person on flight. Phew! At least my day can only go up from here… Enter screaming baby.

9:40am: Order screwdrivers

Special thanks to taxi driver, Paata, for making it to Santa Monica and back in 35 min flat (usually it’s 30 min ONE way).